Isabel Azu

Isabel Azu

Kishoge Student Leadership Team


We are proud to announce the members of our first ever Student Leadership Team. 6th year students put themselves forward and went through a rigorous process including a leadership training day, staff vote, student vote and interview process. After very tough competition, we are now extremely proud of the excellent team selected to represent KCC.

Leadership Team Roles

School Captains: Isabel Azu and Kane Coyne

Senior Mentors: Siobhan Iasilcovschi and Cole Egerton

Junior Mentors: Olivia Lainchbury and Providence Obiozor

Inclusion Mentors: Fatini Tengku Nazri and Bimpe Onikan

Sports Captains: Ellen Grey and Joel Ngoie

Creativity Captains: Madalina Bartha and Afshan Kamran

Technology Mentors: Liyana Muhammad Tariq Zafri and Zac Reid


Kane Coyne

Kane Coyne